Why choose Us:

1.Transparent Processes-We pride ourselves on our transparency and integrity. From clear pricing to thorough documentation, we ensure a hassle-free and trustworthy transaction.

2.Customer Satisfaction-Your satisfaction is our top priority. We are committed to providing exceptional service, tailored solutions, and ongoing support to make your land purchase experience exceptional.

3.Secure Transactions:We handle all legal and administrative details, ensuring that your investment is secure and protected from fraud.

4.Flexible Financing Options-Our flexible financing solutions make it easier for you to invest in your dream property without financial strain.

5.Expert Guidance-Our experienced team offers in-depth knowledge of the market and local regulations, providing you with professional advice and support at every step.

We pride ourselves as being an integral part in property transfers. We link the
seller and buyer, hammering out the terms of the offer and ensuring a smooth
and positive procedure for both the buyer and the seller. We achieve this
through the following;

  •  Advising the seller on the most reasonable market value of the property.
    Reference is made to latest valuations of the property or similar
  •  Advertising the property effectively.
  • Acting honestly at all times.
  • Expressing to a prospective buyer all the facts concerning the property which are reasonably within his or her personal knowledge
  •  Assisting prospective buyers to make offers on the property.
  • Advising the buyer in respect of financing of the purchase price by referring him to affordable credit facilities.
  • Negotiating the transaction and completing the offer to purchase by
    taking both the seller and buyer’s interests into consideration.

Property Management:

Our mandate is to undertake routine tasks delegated to us by owners of property and to

preserve the value of these properties while generating maximum possible income to

the owners.

We achieve this through the following,

  • Procuring, screening and enlisting tenants
  •  Contracting signing, and renewing leases on behalf of property owners.
  •  Monthly invoicing and Collection of rent.
  •  Maintenance of properties, including cleaning, landscaping and necessary
  • repairs
  •  Marketing properties.
  •  Supervising other employees engaged by the owners
  •  Handling taxes/levies/rates on behalf of owners where authorized